Alexandra Gates

About me

I have always had a thirst to work for myself, and I reached my goal in 2010 when I launched my own consultancy business. On top of helping businesses become more successful I very much enjoyed the people aspect. 

"I wish I had your drive", "you seem so happy" and "I admire you doing and choosing what you want to do" are three statements that I often hear from people who I have met along the way. 

I naturally started to gravitate towards helping individuals in their career to help them achieve success, through informal mentoring and coaching.

Late in 2016 I decided on top of providing consultancy for established businesses via my business Marketing Wand, I wanted to offer "people consultancy" via an online service allowing me to reach out to hundreds of budding entrepreneurs to help them reach their ultimate goals using the business, sales and marketing tools and skills that I have gained across my own journey that have helped me to create my own six figure business.


My program starts off with an online self assessment to gain a good understanding of where you are now - this includes your level of understanding of business and sales and marketing, information about your company or idea and where you want to be. 

As a subscriber you will gain access to various tools to help you along your journey such as the core training modules, workbook, planners, assessments, e-bulletins, information sheets, tips, webinar workshops, community group and online help that will provide you with the ability to drive your business forward without making costly mistakes.

I have packaged up the learnings of my journey in an easy to understand format so that you start to feel confident in what you are doing and begin to grow your business quickly!

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