A marketing consultant that delivers

I design and deliver the right marketing solution using my four step logical and measurable approach

#1 The marketing audit

I will start off looking at where your business is now and how it is performing. If you have any marketing in place, my audit will identify what is and isn't working. This phase is vital to ensure that the right marketing programme is developed for your business. This avoids costly mistakes; for example, jumping in and paying for a new website won't generate growth if your messaging and positioning is not right!

#2 The marketing objectives

I will understand what your overall business objectives are and translate these into marketing objectives. This will help define exactly what marketing activity you require to reach your goals.

#3 The marketing strategy and plan

Once there is a clear understanding of your objectives, a marketing strategy and action plan will be created to define exactly how your business will achieve these. 

Whether it be new branding, a new website, an on-line marketing plan, lead generation programme...

#4 The delivery and measurement

Once the plan has been designed it needs to be delivered. There are a number of solutions available to do this and it will depend on your resource, budget and in-house capabilities. I will work with you to put the right one in place closely measuring progress and your return on investment.

Who I work with

My experience is across a wide range of businesses large and small. 
One thing they all have received from me ... high value and great return.
“Alex is a very bright individual with an excellent work ethic and a track record of delivering at a high level. She is a great character who can engage and communicate at a number of levels.

Claire Riley

Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
“I have had the pleasure of working with Alex for the past year. Her knowledge and experience of how to develop and implement a robust marketing strategy is outstanding. She is able to grasp the finer details of a business and pinpoint their value proposition and translate that across all marketing media and systems. The benefits are that she'll get you business opportunities and opens doors, she makes marketing work for you. Her attention to detail is amazing and the level of commitment she shows to her clients is excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend Alex and she is such a lovely person to work with."

John Sunderland-Wright

Ultima Performance Ltd
“Alex has successfully supported and delivered marketing masterclasses on our behalf, helping our clients to understand how to market themselves and identify achievable goals as a viable way of generating growth within their respective sectors.”

Gordon Hannah

TEDCO BusinessSupport



I'm a big fan of high impact graphic design, engaging websites, informative videos and celebratory press releases...

But, you know what? None of these work in isolation. They should all be managed together as part of a strategic marketing solution. That is where most companies fall down and experience wasted time, effort and budget.

My aim is to always deliver value, meaning I won't simply deliver what a client thinks they need; I will work towards uncovering what the right marketing solution is for them and delivering it - resulting in marketing that actually works.


I Starting my career in marketing and communications in 1998, gained a post graduate diploma in marketing and launched my own marketing services solution, Marketing Wand in 2010.  

Over the years I have had the privilege of working with such a wide range of organisations, which has resulted in me obtaining great skills, technical know how and in-depth experience that brings about a good return on investment for all of my clients.

From start ups through to established organisations, from private sector utilities through to public sector services; my experience is exceptionally wide.

My talent is getting to know a company quickly and devising the right marketing solution using a combination of marketing tactics to help it to grow. 
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