Marketing for charities

Whether you are trying to increase awareness or increase donations, volunteer numbers or fundraising - every charity requires the help of a strategic marketer that will help your charity engage and generate a good return from any marketing effort.

Great marketing will generate a great return, and this is where charities suffer. The larger charities have good budgets for TV, radio and online advertising, driving eye catching campaigns resulting is good returns. But what about the charity that hasn't the money for prime time TV slots? Well they still need to be strategic and smarter than ever to engage with their would be volunteers, fundraisers, donators and the people they are ultimately wanting to help.

Being smart

Having worked with a number of the smaller charity organisations one thing is clear, their heavy reliance on social media - but with Facebook and Instagram becoming much more controlling on what people see in their streams, organisations who don't have the in-house expertise of marketing are starting to lose out big style.

As with any business a charity needs to be strategic and be able to plan and measure their efforts, ensuring any budget they do have is spent wisely.

Marketing help

Like any business, I tailor my offering to the charity which I'm working for. Acting as their marketing expert I can either offer my services on an advisory and training level to educate staff and volunteers of the organisation or I can offer full marketing services such as stakeholder direct mailing, website design and maintenance or social media management. The package will be built around your charity, in-house capabilities and available budget.

If your charity requires some expert help, contact me today for an informal chat.

Other business types that I work with

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