Marketing help for public sector

As more and more public sector organisations look to commercialise various products and services to bring in revenue to support public services, commercial marketing experience in this environment provides huge value.

Social marketing (marketing to impact social behaviours) and commercial marketing are two very different skills sets and more and more public sector organisations are realising the difference between a marketer who generates sales, leads and opportunities to that of a marketer who engages with the public to impact on health and social wellbeing.

Bring in the right skills

Having worked with local government and the NHS on various commercial projects, I have a great understanding of developing marketing collateral and delivering marketing services for commercial purposes - within a public sector environment.

These organisations have enlisted my help as their own in-house capabilities have tended to have a non-commercial and public sector background with a heavy focus on communications and engagement with stakeholders and the general public.

Commercial marketing is about engaging with buyers to generate leads and sales for the benefit of the organisation and has a very different approach.

Keeping risk low is key for Public Sector when entering these new markets to generate income, therefore instead of recruiting a marketing director to lead these projects, outsourcing this role to keeps risks low and gains a high value return.

Marketing strategy, planning and delivery

Having great experience in public sector, I will work with your existing teams to understand the objectives of your commercial initiative, design a marketing plan and strategy for the organisation and then move on to help deliver this utilising the teams you have in place or alternatively utilise the marketing services of Marketing Wand to fully deliver if resource is an issue.

This is a low risk option for any public sector organisation looking to commercialise a product or a service to ensure it is competitive in the market's that it is entering.

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