Marketing for SMEs (small to medium sized enterprises)

You're an established business that would like to grow?

One thing that SMEs have in common is that marketing gets pushed down to the bottom of the pile. Usually there isn't a marketing expert on the team such as a marketing manager or director and the business owner(s) and their sales or admin team try their best to do it as and when they can. 

What happens? Well unless sales are down, any form of marketing is not delivered, resulting in the business struggling to grow, or worse, losing market share to competitors.

A marketing director on tap

Having worked at marketing director level since 2010 I have built up a great offering for SMEs that are serious about growing but who don't want the risk and cost of bringing in a highly experienced marketing professional on a permanent and full time basis.

Instead of hiring a marketing director, and it costing in excess of £60K per year, you can access my services for a fraction of the cost. Your business will benefit from the right marketing direction and delivery of marketing services that will help it to grow. A low risk and high value alternative to employment.

I will come in and quickly get to grips with what is currently in place and what is needed to be done in order to attract new business and gain more sales from existing customers.

Design and delivery of the right marketing for your business

Once I have carried out an initial assessment and understood where you want to take the business I will design the right marketing action plan for your organisation, considering budget and existing in-house capabilities. However unlike most marketing consultants - I will then move on to help you to deliver it. Or, if you don't have the resource, use Marketing Wand's services to fully deliver your marketing for you.

I will ensure that the right marketing strategy and tactics are in place and that they are consistently delivered and measured to bring the best return on investment.

Contact me today to find out more.

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