Marketing for start-ups

One thing in common all start-ups have - they need business quickly!

Having worked with many start-ups, from tech businesses through to consultancies, I have great experience in ensuring that precious marketing budget is placed in the right areas, preventing small businesses making costly mistakes.

Getting your marketing foundations right

From that all important logo through to launching a website that will attract traffic and generate leads and sales for your business, I will  put in place a marketing strategy will result in the quickest return as possible.

As a start-up it's vital that your potential buyers have their trust and confidence built quickly and that they understand your offering immediately. I will help you to achieve this by defining marketing messages that will resonated with your future customers and differeniate you from your competitors .

Once your messages are refined I will then move onto developing the right marketing collateral to aid lead generation and sales conversions, from brochures through to websites, from exhibition material through to online adverts.

Marketing delivery

Having great marketing collateral is all well and good - but there will be a need to have continuous marketing activity in place, such as online content development, search engine optimisation, social media, advertising, direct marketing and more. After all if there is no delivery - how will your business attract leads, opportunities and sales?

I will work to understand your in-house capabilities and budget and design an action plan that can be delivered by internal resource or  that can be outsourced to Marketing Wand Ltd, my marketing services function. 

Consistency and measurement in marketing is key and I will work closely with your business to achieve this.

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Other business types that I work with

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