Full marketing services that delivers growth

All businesses should have great marketing strategy designed by an expert consultant AND the resources to deliver this strategy.

I launched Marketing Wand Ltd in 2010 - which provides full marketing services to ensure consistent delivery. 


Who is Marketing Wand?

I launched Marketing Wand in 2010 after identifying a real need for a service for businesses that don't have a marketing resource. 

Marketing Wand is a full marketing solution that designs and fully delivers marketing to aid business growth.

Don't have a marketing expert?

If you don't have a marketing expert in your business, it is likely that you could be wasting budget by making the wrong choices in the effort to grow your business. Being lead by a design agency, PR or web agency on your marketing isn't the right way. You should be using an expert in marketing to lead the agencies. With Marketing Wand, you can be assured that you will be given the right strategic marketing guidance.

How we are different to other agencies

We're marketing lead. In other words we are strategic marketers that design the right programme of activities to work together in order to generate growth. Marketing is a strategy, not a tactic and should be viewed as a whole to gain maximum impact. For example: What's the point spending money on a new website if you haven't the online strategy to drive traffic to it, or don't have the right messaging in place?

Be strategic and grow

Marketing should be thought through, planned, delivered consistently and measured. 

To many times businesses approach it adhoc, with little understanding and the patience to do it the right way. 

This usually ends up with peaks and troughs of sales with the business struggling to grow, or worse losing marketing share to the competition.

Invest in the right marketing 

Marketing is only a waste of money if it is approached the wrong way.

If you are serious about growth set aside a budget and invest in getting a marketing expert in place to deliver the right marketing solution for you.

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